Seeing your home infested with bugs is a nightmare. Evidently, when that happens you want to bug-proof your home as quickly and safely as possible. Thank goodness for Pistal: a natural insect spray which you can use on almost anything.

Pistal insect spray: ideal for fixed furniture

Does your child have lice or is the dog scratching at fleas? Then there’s a significant chance that the bugs have taken up residence in your furniture as well. While pillowcases and stuffed animals are easy to wash, large closets and sofas are more difficult to clean. That’s where Pistal comes in.

Safe for animals as well

Did you know that Pistal’s plant-based components make it exceptionally safe for animals as well? Don’t hesitate to use the spray to insect-proof your pet’s space. You can use Pistal to spray dog crates, rabbit hutches, the boot of your car, … In fact, most animals are even perfectly fine having the spray applied directly to their coat. Discover which animals Pistal is safe to use on!

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Quick and user-friendly

Repelling insects with Pistal is a piece of cake. You only need to spray the surface in question for 4 to 5 seconds. What’s more, you can spray in all directions, so you can easily treat corners and other hard to reach places. And what’s even easier: Pistal is available at your local pharmacy!

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Repelling insects without harming the environment

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Pistal, the safe insect spray for humans and animals

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Pistal insect spray: suitable for nearly all types of animals!

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