Most traditional insect sprays may be quick and efficient, but they come with a couple of noteworthy disadvantages. They’re not only harmful to the environment, but to people and pets as well. That’s why it’s best to opt for an insect spray that is plant-based. Repelling insects with Pistal is just as efficient, only much safer!

Pistal: natural and safe

Pistal is a plant-based alternative to traditional supermarket sprays. Made from pyrethrum extract, which is derived from African chrysanthemum, it is an eco-friendly insect spray that is much safer to use than chemical products. What’s more, Pistal clears from the air after only a couple of hours, so you can quickly go back to enjoying neutral indoor air.

An insect-free home? Easy!

Pistal’s range of applications is endless. The spray enables you to repel crawling and flying insects and parasites in nearly all areas, including your patio, all indoor rooms and animal coats and beds.

Ban all insects from all rooms

You can use Pistal in all indoor rooms, to keep moths from biting away at your clothes, to keep your bedroom free from bed bugs, … It’s also the perfect product for treating your furniture. What’s more, Pistal insect spray doesn’t stain! So there’s no need to worry about ruining your favourite piece of clothing or your beautiful carpet.

Using Pistal on fixed objects

Small insects like lice and fleas are quite the challenge to get rid of. Not only do you need to remove the bugs from your child’s hair or your pet’s coat, you also need to treat your entire home. Putting clothes and bed linen in the laundry is easy enough, but fixed objects are more difficult to treat. Unless you use Pistal, that is. Spray the infested area for 4 or 5 seconds, and you’re done!

Direct use on animals

You can spray Pistal on the coats of dogs, sheep, horses and rabbits, but you can just as well use it to insect-proof your pet’s bed. If you’re about to apply Pistal directly to young or small animals, extra precautions are required: spray a small dose on a cloth which you then use to apply the product. Chickens benefit from the latter type of application as well. Keep in mind that, while it is safe to spray the living area of cats and cold-blooded animals with Pistal, you shouldn’t spray the product directly on them.

Available a your local pharmacy

Pistal natural insect spray is only available at pharmacies. Its wide range of applications and user-friendliness make Pistal the perfect solution to most bug problems. Hurry to your pharmacy and let Pistal take care of all the rest!

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