Is your dog’s coat infested with bugs? Pistal is an efficient and animal-friendly insect spray. Because traditional insect sprays contain chemical substances, using them on animals is not an option. Pistal, however, is a safe insect spray that is plant-based. You can use Pistal on various types of animals, but the application method may vary. Read our brief overview below.

The perfect spray for dogs, rabbits, horses, …

Pistal insect spray is suitable for nearly all animals. You can use the spray directly on dogs, sheep, rabbits, horses or cows. If you want to treat young animals, small animals or chickens, we recommend using a smaller dose or to spray a cloth. Please note that Pistal should not be used on cats or cold-blooded animals. However, it is safe to treat their surroundings with the spray.

Kind met konijn
Hond met jeuk

Clean coat and sleeping area

Putting a blanket in the laundry is easy enough, but removing insects from the boot of your car or your dog’s crate is another thing entirely. Fortunately, you can not only use Pistal on most animals’ coats, but also to insect-proof their entire environment. So don’t hesitate to use the spray on your cat’s bed, in the chicken coop or on your horse’s saddle-cloth or blanket. Treating your pet’s coat repels potentially dangerous insects like ticks as well. Pistal assures that your pet won’t catch Lyme disease and that it gets to live in a healthy environment at all times.

Do you want to free your animal from insects quickly and easily? Pistal is now available at the pharmacy.

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