In summer there’s nothing we’d rather do than play outside with the children and spend entire days soaking up the sunrays. It’s too bad insects like ants, mosquitoes and wasps enjoy the warmth as much as we do. Fortunately there’s a single product to protect you from all sorts of crawling and flying insects. Don’t let the buzzing and stinging ruin your summer fun: be prepared with Pistal insect spray!

Bye bye bugs

Pistal repels all types of insects and parasites, making it unnecessary for you to purchase multiple products. Whether it’s an ant hill, a cockroach infestation or a mosquito swarm threatening to ruin your summer days and evenings, Pistal won’t allow those creepy-crawlies to take up residence in your garden. Carefree chatting on the patio from morning to night? Check!

An insect-proof summer with the push of a button

Did you know that Pistal is super easy to use? You only need to spray the infested area for 4 to 5 seconds, that’s all! If you use Pistal indoors, be sure to keep the room closed off for a while after spraying. Air out the room afterwards and the job is done. By the way, because you can spray Pistal in all directions, you can instantly get rid of even the most hard-to-reach ant infestations. Pistal enables you to effortlessly enjoy an insect-free summer.

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Available at the pharmacy

Are you looking for a highly efficient way to protect yourself against insects? Hurry to the pharmacy for the natural Pistal insect spray! You’ll effortlessly solve any insect issue, without disturbing your children, guests or pets.

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