Keeping your home healthy and insect-proof is a challenge, as dust mites are microscopic and able to crawl just about everywhere. Sheets are easy to put in the laundry, but other parts of your home are more difficult to treat. That’s why it’s good to have an all-purpose insect spray at hand, especially if you’re allergic to dust mites. You can always count on Pistal!

A clean home without dust mites

Dust mites are literally everywhere. They don’t only reside in your bed, but also in the carpet, curtains and sofas. We’ve got some good news for you though: Pistal can be used anywhere in your home – including fixed furniture, so there really is no need for aggressive or dangerous products. Bug-proofing you home with Pistal is a piece of cake: just spray the infested surfaces for a couple of seconds and you’re done!

Kind speelt op tapijt

Ideal for indoor use

Often containing chemical substances, traditional insect sprays are not ideal for indoor use. Pistal, by contrast, is a plant-based alternative. Made from pyrethrum extract, which is derived from African chrysanthemum, Pistal is much healthier to use in living quarters. The vapours clear from the air very quickly, so you won’t notice it anymore after only a couple of hours. And not unimportantly: Pistal doesn’t stain! So don’t be afraid to treat that expensive sofa against bugs.

Pistal makes your home anti-allergic and healthy in the blink of an eye. Hurry to the pharmacy and get rid of those dust mites!

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